Friday, April 25, 2008

Kids: Nathan has a friend that lives two doors down. She's a newer friend, meaning she's just started coming over to play with him and the next door neighbor girls. This little girl's mother is german and she speaks pretty good english but with a heavy german accent. The little girl was talking to me today and every time I talk to her she cracks me up. She makes me laugh because of what language she speaks. First of all she speaks american english, most of the time. Tonight she was telling me "Nathan isn't ------(insert some word". I do pretty good talking with little kids I can figure out what most kids are saying so I ask her to repeat it and she said it again "Nathan isn't ------ (insert some word). I could tell from the context that she was meaning to say "sharing" but she wasn't. She said it again and I realized she was saying a german word. Crazy kid.

Then sometimes when she speaks she speaks with an english accent. The kid has to be confused.

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