Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trinkets: Some times I read about religion in other countries. It's always interesting to see how the rituals and traditions of one faith get mixed with the other. It's sort of as if its adherents want to make sure they are covered on all sides so by committing to the practices of two religions they have better chances that life will be good and when they ask for something in prayer it has a better chance of coming through. The anthropological term for this is syncretism.

I see people do it a good bit with christianity and astrology. For many it's a simple lack of knowledge of the roots and practice of astrology.

A few months ago I was getting my taxes done and my tax person is a Christian woman that goes to a southern baptist church down the road from my house. I got connected with her through one of their pastors. She seems like she leads a good life, always treats me great and from what I can tell walks with Jesus. We were talking and I was telling her about our new son that was to soon be born and she asked me the due date.

She then proceeds to tell me what Seth's personality will be and she bases all of this on the time of year and the date of the month that he was to be born. In my mind I'm wondering where all this voodoo talk is coming from I'm talking to a southern baptist woman. I just sort of walked away with my head shaking, I was confused.

Then yesterday we listed our house to sell. Our realtor goes to a local community church that preaches Jesus. I've talked to the pastor several times and he is well grounded in the scriptures. She came by to drop off some papers and she had this little trinket with her. She said this is St. Joseph and he's the patron saint of selling houses, you're supposed to...blah blah blah. He brings good luck.

Heather said "I'll think we'll trust in Jesus." I thought it was a great reply. I was thinking to myself. Woman, if you are a believer you are a child of the king. Why trust in a $3.95 plastic trinket when you have Jesus?

I have a motto for this trinket: When God says no trust in St. Joe.

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