Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Eldest: Let me tell you about Nathan for a minute. Mostly because he cracks me up almost every day. I know I'm biased but the kid is hilarious, this post is more about the hilarity of having a child.

I check my voice mail on my cell phone. On the other end is Nathan saying LOUDLY "Daddy, I pooh-poohed in the potty." *click*

At his age independence is king. He wants to do it by himself and for himself. Our help is shunned in almost every thing. But sometimes he'll forget he's 3 and he'll walk over to me and crawl in my lap. His long legs will dangle off my lap, he doesn't realize how big he's getting but I notice he takes up more and more of my lap each time this happens.

Record: Much to the chagrin of The Bridge Church's nursery workers I broke a record on Sunday. I preached for more than 50 minutes. It really wasn't planned. However I did forget my watch (forget?) and I noticed the congregation was very engaged in my message on prayer so I preached on.

We were drinking coffee and enjoying conversation after church when an almost 4 year old boy comes up to me and asks "Pastor Nick, what took so long today?" I laughed and could only reply with the truth "I guess I had a lot to say." That seemed to satisfy him.

If you've got an hour of cardio planned today you can catch the marathon message HERE

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