Monday, April 14, 2008

Milestone: Every night the routine is the same. We let Nathan know he'll be going to bed soon and then one of us takes him upstairs to read a book, pray with him and then he goes to sleep. Lately he's been too busy trying to convince us he's not tired to enjoy this process but last night he was all about the routine.

He laid down and I picked out the book. I told him I loved him and that he made me happy. He started by telling me he wasn't happy because he hit Madison, his friend next door, in the face with a wiffle ball bat. I asked him if he told her he was sorry and he said yes so I told him he could be happy because he did that. I told him that Jesus loved him and that he should always follow Jesus. He told me he would.

Then Nathan asked me if his friends were going to sleep too. I told him probably. He asked if they read stories before bed too, I told him I bet they did. He asked if their stories were about Jesus, I told him I wasn't sure but he should ask his friends tomorrow. I told Nathan they would probably have questions if they didn't know about Jesus what could he tell them about Jesus.

He said, I should follow Jesus, Jesus loves me, and Jesus thinks I'm special.

This marks one of the first times Nathan has let out some of the spiritual things we try to teach him. Needless to say I was excited to tell Heather about it later.


I was praying with Nathan the other night and I must have said "Father,..." and after the prayer he asked "God is my father?" I told him yes. He said "you're my father?" I said yes. That made sense to him. I was elated. Then he said Mommy is my Grandma. I said "not quite".

You can't win them all.

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Jon said...

Man! That is powerful, what an awesome time between you two. I'm envious and that's ok :)