Tuesday, June 14, 2005

40 years: Moses left Egypt when he was 40 years old to become a shepherd. He had a heart to reach "his" people but he ran away. For 40 years he was a shepherd. He tried to live a normal life, get married, have some children but every day he woke up and wondered about his people. He hoped they were ok, he had aspirations to free them, it haunted him day after day.

Jesus Christ for 30 years woke up and knew his purpose. He knew that he would save the world. But he knew the time was not right to make his move.

For 9 years Paul, after conversion, knew he would be used mightly by God. He knew he was destined for greatness to expand the kingdom of God, but he had to wait.

Now I'm not certainly not Jesus, nor Moses and I can only hope to be as influential as Paul. Those great men and one savior of the world took years to be used and I get grumpy when I go 4 weeks without something substantial happening.

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James said...

cool post - great reminder -

I wonder what Moses, Jesus and Paul would have said during their annual reviews? Would they have gotten fired? proly.

Moses - "Umm, well, I'm really building a good foundation right now for future ministry."

Moses' SP - "OK how long will that take? What kind of numbers are you running?"

Moses - "about 40"

Moses' SP - "40? SO are you using the 40 days of purpose cirriculum? What kind of numbers are you running?"

Moses - "years"

Moses' SP - "Well, that really doesn't fit our schedule. I think we may have different ministry priorities (eye glance that says, you suck moses). What kind of numbers are you running?"