Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Quitting: I heard about a pastor that has a pretty large church, well HAD a pretty large church. After some poor decisions his church is starting to dwindle. He says "I'm about ready to give up on this church and go start an emergent church?"


You mean you're going to start a coffee house church with some candles and some guitar worship. Every now and again you might throw in a silent service, some barbed wire and incense. That's not emergent, that's style.

Someone say that when I'm in the same room as you and you're getting a big ole' size 12 up the bum bum. Because it makes "emergent" look bad. It makes it look like a trend, like a new way to entice believers, keep them interested. The goal of Jesus was to see the world receive him, I believe that is the conversation of the emergent church and it is right and good and not just a trend or style.

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