Thursday, June 02, 2005

Books: I was asked today to give the names of two books that I have read in the past year that are MUST reads for other pastors. That's such a hard question. So hard for two reasons

  • I love to read and there are waaaaayyyy more than two books I could recommend

  • I haven't read near enough books to give even a close evaluation of "these are two books you have to read"

  • What if the books I recommend people hate or they say "what's the big deal?"

  • if the latter happened there would be beat down in progress!

    I think I've settled on three:

    Blue Like Jazz: I like Donald Miller's honesty and willingness to stick with a faith that has been so mislead thus letting him down so many times. While not a theological masterpiece, nor was it written to be so, it is a good book, compelling read and eye opening.

    The Unquenchable Worshiper: I am not a worship leader but i've been told that as a pastor I am the lead worshiper. This book was excellent and really helped me let go and let my hair down when worshipping the Lord. It's just me and Him and I will worship him with all of my heart.

    The Present Future: This lays it out straight. The church in North America is on life support, it is living off the money and assests of a previous generation. Reggie McNeal then outlines 6 areas to ask "is your church getting it done". A MUST read for any pastor/youth pastor/lay leader. You can read my review about this book in my links section ---->

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