Thursday, June 30, 2005

Resistance: I don't think I ever commented on this and it happened so many months ago I'm surprised I remember but I guess it's stuck with me for this time because it was surprising to me. (notice how many "i" are in the last sentence). Well anyway at the end of March I took some of my students on a campus preview trip to my alma mater. Toccoa Falls College in Northeast Georgia really means a ton to me and it was great to take some students there to look at the college.

While there all youth pastors/workers were invited to a roundtable discussion with one of the Christian Ed profs, Doug White, one of my favorites. After introductions the discussion was opened and we were asked by Prof. White if we had any questions he might be able to help us with. I didn't hesistate to ask this question "Are we teaching our students to expect a ministry that is NOT like the adult church?" Essentially I asked if we are ministering to our student in a language that churches are not speaking thus leaving them stranded when they graduate.

This was the last question asked in the several hour round table. Lots of good information was exchanged lots of good imput. Later that day I found someones notes that they had left on a table. I'm not sure if it was right of me to read these notes but they were just scribbled on a paper left on a table so I read it. It was sad to read their hatred and resistence for even admitting the church might not be doing stuff right. It was a good reminder that not everyone even sees the problem.

From reading their notes it made them angry that I would even suggest that the church isn't getting it done. Wake up people. Just wake up.

Emergent is not the enemy, McLaren is not the enemy, Rick Warren is not the enemy, I am not the enemy, sin is the enemy, eternal death is the enemy.

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