Thursday, June 23, 2005

Car Whisperer: I was sitting in The Bagel Shop this morning enoying my morning coffee and an everything toasted with cream cheese. You have to understand that I love the bagel shop for the friendly owners and employees but I really love it because it is quiet and a nice place to read the word and pray before I get to the office.

This morning the shop was crowded which really hinders concentration. But normally when it's crowded I can still focus and enjoy myself. This morning there was some loud mouth woman and she kept starting conversations with peopel. That part was neat, I like friendly people. But every conversation she kept talking about her high school aged daughter. I'm not sure why but it was buggin the heck out of me. I guess because it was a pretty "me" centered conversation and those are always uncomfortable.

At this time there was also a car parked in the fire lane which again bugs the heck out of me because it says "I'm more important than everyone else because you park in spots and I use the fire lane. Oh yeah, if theres a fire then you're going to die because the firetruck won't be able to get in and put out the fire."

So the loud mouth walks outside and gets in here car, which is parked in the fire lane. She goes to start her car and it just won't start. She starts jumping up and down in here seat in the desperate hope that her by bouncing her car it will start? She tries and tries and by this time I'm paying full attention to her antics and in my mind I thank God for punishing this sadly selfish woman.

Then the ironic nudge in my spirit to help this woman. Basically God said "Nick you're going to go out and get this woman's car to start". My hesitation wasn't that I was embarrassed, it was that I didn't want to help her out because I didn't like her. So after a few minutes of resisting and laughing at her bounce up and down in her seat mercilessly bouncing her car into starting I threw my trash away and walked outside. I said, "anything I can do to help?" She tried to start it and there was plenty of power, the battery and starter sounded good. I told her it sounded like her car wasn't getting fuel and asked her if this had happened before. She told me that its been happening lately. I told her that I couldn't do anything about that and started to walk off. As I did the car started. She thanked me for fixing her car "with my words". I told her I was glad her car was running and I left.

Call me Nick the car whisperer!

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PA said...

Isn't the Holy Spirit weird like this?

Being quiet enough to listen is the key. Thank you for encouraging me with your story.