Thursday, October 11, 2007

How I did it: A comment below by "Tension" asked me how I've hopped on the road to healthier living. So here goes.

I started doing Weight Watchers with my wife start April 1, 2007. She had all the materials from doing it before so we just jumped right in. WW is an excellent tool because it makes you aware of the amount of food you are intaking in a given day. For instance at my starting weight of 339 lbs I would have to consume something like 5,000 calories in a day just to maintain that weight and to eat even more to gain and yet somehow I was still gaining weight. Do you know how much 5k calories is? Lots. The crazy thing is I had no idea how much I was consuming in a day. Really I was just eating like almost everyone else around me, my diet didn't seem like the problem.

So I got started on WW and counting up my points and keeping my points under my target for the day. The first two weeks were the hardest and I was almost constantly hungry. But we kept lots of vegetables around the house to tide us over till the next meal. I thought I was in prison; but not the American kind of prison...maybe I Saudi prison or something.

This is when i discovered a little friend I didn't know I had. His name was Will. Mr. Power and I became good friends over those first few weeks and he kept asking me "How much do you really want it?"

I lost 20lbs the first month and about 15 the next month. Results at that stage really keep you going.

Exercise: Diet and exercise, both are good things to do individually but together they almost guarantee results. I started walking with Heather. First we started at about 2 miles and then just gradually worked up to 3 then 4 then 5. Our speed picked up and it just started getting easier. I also started doing circuit training weights at the gym.

That's stage ONE. I'll post stage two tomorrow.

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