Monday, October 08, 2007

Welcome Back:
Blog: I missed you man. where have you been?
Me: Sorry, I missed you too. I just sort of fell off the planet.
Blog: Glad you're back.
Me: Thanks.

Other interesting conversations I had today:
scene: So I'm brushing my teeth after my workout this morning. I always leave the water running when I shave or brush my teeth, no reason and I'm sure it's wasteful but it's what I do. Old guy comes up and stands at the sink next to me and is eyeballing me.

Old Guy: (in abrubt very loud angry voice) Do you waste water like that at home?
Me: (in slightly shocked but still brushing teeth mode) uh huh
Angry Old Guy: (in same abrubt very loud angry voice, aka ready to fight mode) Well you shouldn't do that here, we have to pay for that water...
Me: (in raging on the inside but calm on the outside mode) You know there are proper ways to ask someone to do something?
Angry Old Guy: (walking away) You should know better...rant continued off screen.

*true story

I should tell you something about me that you might not already know. I'm a gentle man...sort of like a grizzly bear is gentle.

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