Saturday, October 13, 2007

Phase Two: June-September- Phase two for weight loss went a little something like this. I decided I wanted to up my exercise. I started doing split body weight lifting and my focus was lifting as much weight as possible as many times as possible. Sound simple enough doesn't it. Yeah it was. My workout went a little something like this.
Monday: chest and biceps
Tuesday: shoudlers
Wednesday: back and triceps
Thursday: legs

One main thing I had to do was I had to start eating more food. I also started using the Elliptical for some faster paced workout but wasn't quite ready for running yet. I was worried about needless wear on my knees.

Diet: During phase two and now into phase three I consume between 1700-2100 calories a day. Most days I keep it on the low side with an average of about 1900 calories a day.

Phase Three really the only thing that has changed is my exercise, mainly my cardio. I'm now in training for a 5k and my time goal is less than 30 minutes. Training, of course, requires running. I've been running 3 days a week for 2 weeks now and have lost 7 lbs.

I think thats the key to my continued weight loss. I keep changing up my exercise, I'm not afraid to take a few days off when I need them but I always keep my food intake steady. Good clean foods and within my calorie range.

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