Thursday, March 24, 2005

Finger Chili: Man you hear about this in urban legends but never did I think it would be true! After you're done puking wipe off your screen and get back to work!

So what's going on today?:
The school shooter thing has gotten me thinking. It's really not something you plan for and when it happens you either want to start pointing the finger at who is to blame, besides the shooter, or you just want it to go away and let the kids get back to being kids. Teenagers seem to live in the current, not yesterday or tomorrow concerns them but just today. When something like this happens it forces them to look backwards and forwards, but they still want to get back to living for the present.

For some reason I'm finding myself sympathetic towards the shooter. Which sounds crazy seeing as he destroyed the lives of 9 people and their families. I guess he needed something this world or people who came in contact with him didn't or couldn't offer.

Poor Terri Schiavo. Frankly I'm not sure anyone is really looking out for her, possibly her parent's but even them I'm not sure. I heard a report this morning that in 1992 when the malpractice suits were being awarded her parent's found at that they would be receiving no money this is when their demeanor toward Mike changed. Up until then they were friendly, they reported that Mike was a loving husband and they even lived together at one point. The money went to Mike and then they began to oppose him and even said "I'm going to make your life a living hell."

BUT...what can you believe?

Regardless there is a woman starving to death and I'm eating peanut butter caloused!

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