Monday, March 21, 2005

Hostage: Saw the movie Hostage this afternoon. I had only one question as I was walking out of the movie...Could they have used use the F word one more time? Focus on the Family counted the f word 60 times and the s word 40...the good news was you didn't notice the s word because of so many f words.

Take all of the Diehards throw em together add a little unbreakable and viola' you've got hostage. The plot had a neat twist when some petty criminals "accidentally" get involved with some mafia men. Bruce the ultimate hostage negotiator gets involved when his family is kidnapped in exchange for something the petty criminals have in their held-up house.

In the end the bad guys get what's coming to them and all the good guys live. Worth the $6.50!

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Derek said...

I guess if the negotiator had used "Purpose-Driven Life," the movie could have ended sooner, huh? LOL