Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sandra Bullock: My wife and I went out and saw her new movie Miss Congeniality 2. Dont' make fun of me. Sandra Bullock is a fun loving actress but this was not her best work. They made her character to snotty and unlikeable for too long of the movie. Besides it was a chick flick, that's seldom good.

March Madness: is about to turn into the Championship game. After starting slow in all 3 of my brackets I can now points two first places and a second place. It looks like I'll win at least one of those brackets and have a good shot at the other to. Whooo-hooo.

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Derek said...

Man, I could've told you that movie was going to be terrible.....and I've only seen the preview once. Oh wait--not supposed to make fun of you, LOL