Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday Morning

TV: You know the best time to watch tv is early morning. It honestly is. There is decent programming and stuff you don't get to see on a regular comedy on comedy central, music videos on MTV and VH1...simply amazing.

PPT Backgrounds: Here are some excellent powerpoint backgrounds, as far as I can tell and up till now they are completely free and work excellent.

Name Badges and Lanyards: Lanyards and name tags are always hard to find and you can spend a ton of money buying them. Here is the best place I've found and they are a great and prompt company. We use these every year for our District Youth Retreat (product #'s badge holder - 1555/lanyard - 4403/paper - 2900-w-5). Thought I'd spread the wealth.

Aron Ralston Story: I saw this guys story on a tv special. Short version: he's hiking and going through a canyon, a boulder slips and pins his arm between the boulder and the canyon wall. He has only a little gear a camcorder and a pocket knife. For 5 days he records his last will and goodbyes...finally he puts the pocket knife to good use and...cuts off his arm. I bought the book and I'll start reading it soon.

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Ash Singer said...

hi, i know jason and everything and im kind of new to this whole blogging thing...i was wondering how you get links to other peoples sites....i saw that you have a link for names ashley by the way...i go to the same church and help out with the middle schoolers....have a wonderful day...cya