Friday, February 10, 2006

Generations: I've been thinking about generations lately. What started the process was The Rolling Stones doing the half time show for the Super Bowl. I think the fact that they picked a band with a 62 year old lead singer is pretty telling of the demographic they were trying to keep happy. Complete with last years Paul McCartney's performace I don't think I need to go any further in figuring out who they were trying to target. Boomers for years have dictated the flow of our society and even in our successful churches.

2006 is a big year for boomers. They are hitting 60 years old for the first time. In the next decade or so we are going to see a transition in the generations as the boomers leave active roles in society and in the church as they head into retirement and probably to some condo in Florida.

I can't even really speculate what this is going to mean. Hopefully positive things...

Olympics: Speaking of I the only person my age that watches the Olympics?


Kristy said...

Nope, Bethany watches the Olympics, too.

As for me, I wouldn't even know the opening ceremonies were tonight, if it wasn't for her.

Andrea* said...

Hi NIck~ nope, we watch the Olympics here as well!