Saturday, February 11, 2006

One Year: One year from tomorrow will be the first of four launch sundays for The Bridge Church of Suffolk, Va. A year sounds like a long time and that's probably a good thing because there is much that needs to be accomplished in the next 365 days. Originally our plans were to hold our first launch sunday in the fall of this year but after going through the training this past week it makes the most sense to give ourselves another few months to incubate.

We won't be idle during this time and in fact the largest obstacle mentally is to know that we are "Church" even though we won't be having weekly services. Currently we are recruiting and seeking potential Launch Team members. Starting in April/May we will begin our Small groups and for the 9 months until launch will be a small groups based church. During this time we will begin to preview to the community different aspects of The Bridge. One of my main goals for this time is to begin to meld ourselves into the community. We will also preview our children's ministry, worship style, service events, teaching style and discovery groups.

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