Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Idol: Heather and I watch Karaoke Idol. I like it during the auditions because it's great to hear how bad people can actually sing and I find the antics pretty funny. Then comes when they go to Hollywood and I enjoy seeing the drama unfold and still lots of embarrassing singing that takes place. Then comes the America votes portion and I get pretty uninterested. I mean does American know what they want anyway? Since when have Americans know what we wanted?

Friends: So this story has actually been of the few in the olympics. Shani chooses not to compete in a team event so he is rested up for his race...the one he has a good shot at winning. Hendrick, the one going for 5 golds including this one in the team even, gets mad at Shani for not competing with the team. Shani is called selfish, sports reporters blast him and in my opinion give Hendrick the easy way out. Turns out after they both fail to take gold in a seperate event Hendricks acts like the jerk that he seems to be. Here's a little more on that.

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