Monday, February 20, 2006

an unSTOPPABLE force: I just finished this book by Erwin McManus and as I stated before it turned out to be a hard read but well worth the effort. Erwin loves people and he loves Christ and he loves to see people redeemed through Jesus Christ. His words are contagious and they cut right to the heart. The epilogue alone is worth the price of the book and before you read the epilogue you might as well read the rest of the book.

He talks about and apolstolic ethos that pastors must form and how the pastor is a cultural architect mastering both science and art to benefit the body of Christ and making christianity a movement rather than an instituation. Much of the book was affirming and encouraging to continue on this journey, other parts were guiding and correcting to my thinking.

I am not but I know I AM: I heard Louie Giglio speak two seperate times this fall. The first was at Catalyst in Atlanta and the second was while he was on tour with Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman. Both times I was both moved and challenged by his words so I decided to pick up this book. His opening metaphor challenges the way we think about ourselves and this life. Most of us view life as a play and we are the main character. Everyone else in this play is playing a supporting role. One day when the play is over the curtain will be drawn and the applause fades and we're going to step back and view how pathetic we really are and how much time we wasted thinking we were what it's all about.

In reality we are in a play where God is the main character. He is vast and mighty and what it's all about and miraculously we are invited to have a part, our small insignificant selves are used by God to bring honor and glory to him.

We'll see what the rest of the book holds.

Hand: On a personal note I think something is wrong with my hand. I fell down the last step about a week ago and hit pretty hard on the way down. I guess I caught myself enough to jack up my thumb on my right hand. It started feeling better but on saturday really starting hurting again. I'm going to give it a few more days and then I might need to go see a doctor.

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