Sunday, February 26, 2006

To Own a Dragon by Donald Miller

Dragon: I had aspirations to read two books this week, neither very long, but I thought this would be a good mark to get back into books like I have been wanting. As Saturday morning hit I was pretty sure it wasn't going to happen considering I had only read one book and hadn't started another.

But Heather and Nathan decided to take a marathon nap right at the same time I decided to pull To Own a Dragon by Don Miller off the "to read" shelf. It was a very fast read and for a pretty avid Miller fan it gave lots of insight into his life and again like a typical Miller book it is always asking how does my story help you out in your story.

The main crux of the book is the idea of growing up without a father and what implications that has on a man. Don Miller is always funny and witty and at the same time thoughtful and frankly in this book down right sweet. Even though I grew up with a father parts of this book really hit home and I'd recommend it for any one. It explores the fatherhood of God and the idea that God fathers us and explores this idea from a fresh perspective that I've never heard before.

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