Saturday, February 09, 2008

Nathan: I'm sure any parent of a 2 (almost 3 year old) will tell you that their kid makes them laugh all the time and I'm no different. I wanted to write down a few stories before too much time goes by and I miss the opportunity.

In October Heather, Nathan and I were driving down to North Carolina for a family vacation. We made our first gas stop a few hours from home and Heather said she'd like to get something to eat. The closest place was bojangles so we pulled into the drive through. Heather was telling me what she wanted and right as the guy says "can I take your order?" completely out of no where Nathan yells from his car seat in the back to the guy taking orders "I want chicken nuggets".


Around Christmas time Nathan was sitting at the table coloring and I was in the living room getting some stuff done. I made it very clear to Nathan that crayons were only for paper and not the table or the floor. Suddenly I noticed it had been quiet in the other room, which is never good with a 2 year old. I walk into the room to see him sitting under the table coloring our nice wood floors. I took the crayons from him and said "Nathan I'm going to clean this up and if it comes off the floor you won't be punished but if it doesn't I'm going to have to punish you." I grab the cleaner and I'm scrubbing the floor while Nathan looks at me with hope. Then the starts yelling "Go dad go!"

Children of The Bridge: Our church meets in a bowling alley. We like to call it up scale family bowling center but it's a bowling alley. Perfect for our needs but 6.75 days a week it's a bowling alley, bar, putt putt course and pool hall. It's also a very obvious building that most of the young children in the church pass with their parent's on a regular basis. I've heard stories and can't tell you how many times we'll be driving and Nathan will say "look there's our church. Can we go?" I'll tell him that none of our church friends will be there and that sits ok with him.

Other kids can't understand why there are people at their church and they aren't there. I just find the whole situation humorous. I can see them in kindergarten saying to their friend. Hey that's our church. The other kid replies, no it's not that's a bowling alley. No that's my church. Poor confused kids.

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