Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No more crying: Nathan was sick from Friday to Monday. We took him to the doctor and she couldn't tell us anything. He complained of a sore throat but didn't have a fever, there was no vomiting; just a grouchy almost 3 year old and lots of stress for his parents. All weekend this went on and the most frustrating thing is knowing your child is hurting but not being able to make him fell better. He would say "make me feel better" or "fix it". And we would just have to tell him we couldn't.

Then this morning hit and I noticed there was something odd about the sound of our house. It took me a few minutes to figure out what it was- Nathan was laughing! He's normally such a happy kid and I'm glad he's back!

8 mile: Yesterday I set a new personal record. I ran 8 miles straight. Actually it was 8.3 miles (math doesn't go so well after about 6 miles hence the extra .3 miles. I found it beneficial to ice down the knees after the run to prevent swelling; it worked and the knees feel great today.

100 mile: Tomorrow I plan to run 5 miles; normally I would only run 4 on wednesday but if I can do five I will have run 100 miles in 2008.

Unconventional: Dear Church! You know lives don't come with handbooks and if they did or if yours did I'm assuming it's wrong in almost every way. I find that the ministry of The Bridge and my pastoring The Bridge doesn't come with a handbook either.

So many times on Sunday or on Monday morning I'll get the desire to contact the church. I don't need to chat with everyone but just relay a little information to them. Sometimes Sunday afternoons or Monday's God will reveal to me what he's doing at the Church and I want to share that with those that make it up. While possibly slightly unconventional this monday I wrote the church an email. Here's what it said.

Dear Church,
I was thinking this morning that sometimes when Sunday is over I wish I had a way to connect with all of you. I'm often reminded during the week that most of what happens in our week DOESN'T happen on Sunday.

Then it dawned on me that I do have a way to connect with you and while semi-impersonal it's better than nothing.

First of all let me give you the words of praise! Going into this new year I had a God-given impression to set goals for us both physically, financially and spiritually. We all came together at B360 and you heard that vision. I felt impressed to articulate these goals to you because we never want to be a church that just exists but we desire to be a church that is going in the direction God has called us. In short we never want to be stagnant but moving.

Praise #1- our attendance is increasing!
Praise #2- for the 2nd time this month we exceeded our weekly bottom line financially. Yesterday's offering was $180 ABOVE what we're trusting God for weekly!
Praise #3- perhaps I'm biased but I know God is working in our hearts as individuals and as a church. He is drawing us closer to himself!

Prayer: With praises comes prayer and with God's working comes trials, tribulations and attacks from the enemy. I want to ask you to pray for my family during this time and I will commit to praying for yours. As I mentioned in the message yesterday Nathan has been feeling bad for most of the weekend. It dawned on me last night that some of his discomfort is likely spiritual attacks and with some dreams Heather has been having that was conformed. It only makes sense that while we are progressing as a church the enemy will attack us where we are weakest- often through our health and our children. I also know that this next month with the birth of our new little boy, Seth, that there will be additional trials.

So please pray for my family and pray for yourselves, pray prayers of protection. What God is doing through us is exciting and what he has planned for us... I can't even imagine!

Blessings and have a great week!

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