Friday, February 29, 2008

Things that concern me #1: I have no idea how long this list will be but I'm just going to start with #1 and we'll see how long this list goes. Not many things concern me but I'm sure there are more than I'd like to believe. Some might concern you to some you might think I'm silly about- like antiques, they concern me. But I digress.

#1: So I'm sitting down to enjoy my friday afternoon. I turn on the tv and then scan the recorded shows on the dvr. Among some of my favorites like Around the Horn and Monk and some of Nathan's like Backyardigans and Deigo I find...WALKER TEXAS RANGER. Heather has some explaining to do when she gets home... now you know why I'm concerned!

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Kristy said...

Walker is one of my mom's heroes (and I really do mean Walker, not Chuck Norris, because when she watches Walker Texas Ranger, she talks to him). He's right up there with Mitch Buchanon (David Hasselhoff, Baywatch).