Sunday, March 09, 2008

Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. This is the book that comes in the FPU kit but you can also order just the book. The book is an excellent walk through from the program that Dave has designed and claims to use himself.

From reading this book and beginning the application of these principles in our own lives I can tell you that it does bring financial peace. I have the privilege of watching others applying these principles to their lives and I'm seeing hopes of financial peace begin to take root. I've preached on the topic of money a few times from the pulpit but seldom had conversations with people at The Bridge about money. Let's face it. Money is private, personal and we're protective of it. We don't like others to know how we're doing and we want people to know we're doing well even if we aren't. We want the nicest cars and houses and if it means living a credit card lie we'll do it.

I've had more conversations about money in the last six weeks than I have in all my life before. I hear people bragging about their budget, paying off bills and the new financial direction they have in their life. No one has said it's easy but the courage and excitement in their voice tells me it's worth it.

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Kristy said...

You know what I find most interesting about money? How utterly impossible it is to know how someone is doing by observing their life. And yet we make assumptions all the time because of a person's job, or the size of their house, or the way we spend money.

We look around and assume that someone who is wise in other areas must have no debt and a healthy emergency fund. Or we assume because someone is young and doesn't own a house that they must be poor. I still remember being caught complete off-guard when I realized that the other kids in our youth group thought we were rich because we had a big house and a pool in the backyard, when I felt anything but because my mom always bought our clothes at WalMart.