Friday, March 21, 2008

Passion Week: This week is known on church calendars as Holy Week. It's the week in the Bible that starts with Jesus entering into Jerusalem as a king on Sunday and being executed on the cross on Friday.

On the holy calendar today is Holy Thursday or, if you want to sound more brilliant in front of your friends and coworkers, Maundy Thursday. During Holy Week or Passion week Thursday was the day that Jesus gathered his disciples for what we now know as the Last Supper. He sat around the table with 11 friends and one betrayer and they ate. It was at that meal that Jesus said "this is my body which is broken for you and this is my blood which was spilt for you. When you do this remember."

Maundy is used because it's the english translation of the ceremony that Jesus did of washing the feet of the disciples upon entering the upper room. You can read more about the washing of the feet in John 13.

Jesus said "I have washed your feet even though I am your teacher and master. I am over you but I have chosen to serve you. Because I have served you, in this manner and with my life, I implore you to serve others with your love."

I pray that this act of Jesus of washing of feet is in your thoughts today. I pray that you will reflect on the idea that Christ served you with his life and that your life is meant for service as well.

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