Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Blogging: I'm usually all worded out on Sundays after church so I'm not much of a Sunday blogger.

This morning as I was praying the word anticipation came to mind. So I prayed that the people of The Bridge would anticipate entering the presence of God this morning. The image came to mind of people crowded outside a door waiting for the doors to be opened. When the door are finally opened the people rush into the room to see what they've come to see. Maybe a baseball game (spring fever anyone?) or a concert of their favorite band.

I also envisioned a slightly more quiet anticipation. An anticipation that has us sitting down in the throne room of God. Sitting in reverence with our eyes fixed on the object of our worship. We're not discontent but we're looking for something. We're not antsy but we're hoping that God will change something inside of us.

That was my prayer for my church this morning and I hope that you anticipate God as well both in your church on Sunday and in your life the other six days.

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