Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday: After the last supper with his disciples Jesus went to one of his favorite spots, a garden, to pray. The entire week before the Jewish officials were looking for a time when they could arrest Jesus but knew that the people loved him so much that they would riot if he were arrested in public. Judas, one of his own disciples told the officials that wanted Jesus dead where he was and they seized the moment to arrest him.

In the dark hours of the morning of that "Good" Friday. Jesus was unfairly accused, unfairly put through trials and found guilty based on lies. He was punished by being beaten; a punishment that took you within inches of your life.

Then after all that he was sentenced to die. GOOD FRIDAY? In some countries today is called Long Friday in China today is the Day of Christ's Suffering.

If you're like me you don't like to think about suffering. It's not pleasant and it stirs up emotions of helplessness, anger and frustration. But today, Long Friday, I believe it's appropriate and worthwhile to consider Christ's sufferings on that long Friday.


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