Saturday, March 22, 2008

Silent Saturday: In a moment it was over. Jesus was dead. I'm not certain the disciples slept much the night of that long friday. I have a feeling that they were feeling such great emotional pain of losing Jesus that their bodies hurt, the hurting continued until they went numb. I'm sure they wrestled with lies and doubts of the evil one. Perhaps their greatest enemy was their own regrets; their own thoughts haunting them, the "what ifs".

I wonder if some of the disciples did eventually fall into a fitful slumber. I wonder if up on waking they though to themselves "oh wait, that was all a dream" then the harsh reality that their Lord was really dead hit them and they had to endure the pain all over again.

The Gospel of Matthew tells us that at noon on the Friday Jesus was crucified that a darkness came over all the land. The light of the world was extinguished, snuffed out.

If I was asked to come up a name for the Saturday of Holy Week I would call it silent Saturday. If only they could hear Jesus' voice again. If only they could sit while he taught them. If only he was just there they would immediately be comforted by his presence. But nothing, the light was out, gone, nothing was there except haunting silence!


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Jon said...

WOW! Profound personal insight. Tomorrow IS a better day!