Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Best Question Ever: I bought this book originally because it looked like a good small group resource or a good launching piece for a wednesday night messages. I want some other books by Andy Stanley but before I order a whole batch of books by him I wanted to see if I like his writing style. Sidenote: For months now the story that Brennan Manning tells in a Ragamuffin Gospel has followed me. I won't tell the story here but the chapter is entitled Paste Jewelry and Sawdust Hotdogs and if you have the book then review that chapter, if you don't have the book buy it and read it or you can read the post below where I've quoted it. So the first few chapters of Andy Stanley's Best Question Ever is similar to that chapter, the fact of looking in a mirror and seeing who you really are not who you're lying to yourself about.

Seems like this book with be a quick read but an important one, truth that I can pass on to others and continue to apply to myself.

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