Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I've been really having a lack of things to post. Normally my mind is churning with ideas or rants that I'm just dying to get down on this blog...but not this week.

pod!: I got my ipod a few months ago and have really been enjoying it. I have all of my music in one place and it's so portable, so easy to pull up any song, any artist off of any album, I simple love it. My favorite feature is shuffle. I select a genre or all my music and just hit shuffle and it plays all my music all mixed up, this is an excellent way to dig up old stuff that I've either forgotten I have or haven't listened to in years.

The scary thing is this. I'll be listening to a song and really digging it and I'll think to myself, this song is great but it's even better followed up by this song and at the end of the song the very song I was wishing for starts playing. Completely random yet somehow pod! knows my wishes and caters to them.

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