Friday, August 19, 2005

Metaphors: I'm preaching on the 28th of this month and to get a jump on some things and because I have a busy week next week I got started. I already had my text I just needed to get some study and some writing done on my sermon. I was directed to Acts 27 the time where Paul is finally send to Rome for his trial. He and Luke and some other prisoners together with the soldiers and the sailors head off to Rome too late in the season to be sailing. So instead of heading for Rome they decide to winter in Phoenix just 45 miles up the coast of Crete from where they were, Fair Haven.

Well those that have read Acts know the story about how their Cargo ship carrying wheat was caught by a strong wind and was supposed to be a 4 hour 45 miles trip turned into a 600 mile 14 day struggle for survial.

When the bad weather hit the sailors go with the wind and let it carry them.

The waves then get so strong they have to drop ropes under the ship to hold the ship together due to the rough weather.

Then they fear running aground so they drop the sea anchor to slow down their demise.

Finally riding too low in the water to survive they start to dump their precious cargo, destroying the very wheat that they were making a run so late in the season for.

The metaphors in this passage are so easy to grasp and so obvious. The bottom line is that we are not equipped to handle the rough seas of life. We don't have the tools. But still we venture out where it is dangerous, we do deperate measure to hold our ships together.

We try to hold our life together.
We try to slow our life down.
We try to get rid of our baggage.

But while were doing all this were still heading in the wrong direction with nothing as our guide. So even if we succeed in all of these things we have still missed the target destination.

Again if you have read Acts 27 you know that Paul comes up on the deck and says..."an Angel of the Lord, whose I am and whom I serve, has told me not to worry that no one will be harmed." Paul then instructs the sailors to run the ship aground on the upcoming island and they will all be saved.

If you're not paying attention you miss it, you miss the phrase "Whose I am and whom I serve" in the NLT is says "to whom I belong and to whom I serve".

That's the answer, that's the answer to it all, do we belong. I think we're afraid of the idea of belonging to someone. It sounds like slavery. But when I read this verse and I believe that when Paul said it he said it with adoration, with love, with rest.

I belong to a family, I belong to my wife, I belong to my son. Belonging is wonderful. Belonging is love, adoration, trust, comfort, rest, unconditional love.

It is good to belong.

"Whose I am and whom I serve"


there's a free sermon for you...just add some illustrations and research the text a little bit more and you're set...

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