Thursday, August 04, 2005

Stage Setting and Background: Everyone that does public speaking knows that stage setting is pretty imporant, if you have going to have a non solid background is needs to be not distracting yet at the same time enhancing and not dull and if you are going to use props they should be enhancing what you are saying not distracting.

So why hasn't anyone told Al Qaeda that? I mean if they want people to start taking them seriously they need to start inproving their presentation. "Hey Ay- let's shoot your bombing threat to London against that plain tan cave wall, oh and we'll throw in an ak-47 for visual effect so they know we're really serious. Wear your new glasses, they eminate the feeling of danger! Ok now speak in a real monotone voice, that'll really make em think you're serious."

Pastoral Heartbreaks: On a more serious and less offending note...I think people think that pastor's don't have feelings. Really its more oxymoronic than anything. People will come to the church heart broken, their families are falling apart, they can't pay their bills, they have a terrible illness, all legitimate concerns. So I see my senior pastor take the time to help them, he spends time with them, finds resources to help out their financial needs, provides counselors to help mend marriages, they come to the church expecting a man with a heart of gold and that's what they receive when they get here.

Crises is averted.

Then they leave the church with nary a word about leaving or why. Really it's sickening. I really have little problem with people leaving churches because different churches are for different people for different seasons BUT it is not fair to the pastor's heart to do this too him. I don't think people realize the emotional investment that they are asking of the pastor and it's not that the pastor wants anything in return...well maybe one thing...loyalty and friendship.

It's really not fair but I suppose that why Christ illustrated to us in John 13 the washing of the feet, sometimes you have to deal with the crap and you don't even reap the benefit of it. But that's not the point, the point is that we are called to serve, and serve we will!

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Bethany said...

I am amused at your observation about Al Qaeda's blah presentation. It's a running joke in my family, the great lengths we go to make a good presentation at dinner, a birthday party...what ever. As I work on things at my house, I'm constantly chanting my credo to the husband: It's all about the presentation! :) Thanks for givine me something to think about. Visit my blog for some "good clean fun" from one Christian to another. :)