Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Feral: Last night while flipping through the channels I saw a show on TLC about Feral Children. Children either raised with very minimal human interaction- usually confined to a crib with a cage on top or locked in a room and depraved of human interaction- or children totally abandoned by their parents and raised by wild dogs.

In wanting some more information I came across this website that explains much of what the program aired showed and even more. http://www.feralchildren.com/en/index.php

What sickens me is the ability for humans to be able to treat their children this way. I realize that some of the cases were the result of death but very few. Most of the cases are ones of extreme neglect. How can a human lock another human, especially a child, in a room and never interact with them? How can it be? How is it humanly possible?

What is even more sickening, and amazing is that when humans threw away their children wild animals began to raise them! Maybe it is the lack of reasoning on the animals part, or lack of emotional turmoil but something enables them to act contrary to what some humans can, compassionately and lovingly.

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