Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wife-Beater: Most people will know when I say "wife-beater" I'm talking about a type of undershirt. I believe the official name for them is called A-Shirt (that's what the packaging at wal-mart says). I believe the history of the word comes from the 50's and 60's where the "man" of the house would take off his overshirt after he got home from work just wearing his undershirt and proceed to insist his wife cook for him and cater to him the rest of the night, abuse that may or may not include actually beating his wife. *edit* I just learned that the wife beater probably gained fame and it's name by being worn by Stanley in a street car named desire.

I got into a habit long ago of always wearing a undershirt and when I wear a t-shirt I wear a "beater" underneath.

But the point of this post is not the history of the word or my habit of wearing undershirts. In true Nick fashion when I got home yesterday I took off my outershirt and was running around the house in my beater. This works good in case Nathan decides to spit up on me I can just change the undershirt not my t-shirt.

In our neighborhood is seems we have an unusual amount of door to door people wanting us to sign petitions, save the bay, support the boy scouts, cut my grass, convert to mormonism, catholicism and become baptist, generally at different times. I have developed a habit of keeping them at my door as long as possible, really just for fun.

Last night as we're about to eat dinner I hear a knock at the door and go to see who it is. I step out onto the porch's the mayor. I said Hey are you the mayor? She says yes and we have a nice conversation. As I step back inside I realize I just spoke to the mayor in my wife beater. You may think nothing of that, because in your mind you don't realize I am approximately the size of an overgrown silverback gorilla and have tan lines that resemble zebra stripes.

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Bethany said...

I wouldn't worry anymore about it. You are who you are...mayor or not. :) Wife beaters are comfy...I know because I steal my hubby's all the time. :)