Friday, August 19, 2005

Velvet Elvis: I'm about 100 pages into this book by Rob Bell. I'm always amazed at Rob's teaching on the Nooma Videos and he is just a stellar communicator. I like how he's passionate but not overly burdensome. He speaks in comman man's language and give direct life application. Well his book is no different and I really enjoy his vast knowledge of Jewish customs and the history of the Rabbis and their teaching practices.

I generally underline phrases or thoughts in a book I will want to remember but some about this book says "don't write in me" so I haven't.

"We live in the metaphors"

"The intent then of a rabbi having a yoke wasn't just to interpret the words correctly; it was to live them out. In the Jewish context, action was always the goal. It still is."

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James said...

I didn't write in my book either - it's so "postmodern cool" that I didn't wan't to wreck it.

I read through it in one night and now my wife is reading it so that I can talk about it -

It's really great -