Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Back in it: After I preached on Sunday it was good to get away for a few days. Heather and I (with the boy of course) headed up to Summitt Grove to spend Sunday night and then come back tuesday. We've had some strees with the job lately and just needed to get away. We headed up to camp and were given a great room in the lodge, complete with a full bathroom and a/c. They also offered us 3 meals a day and free use of the pool. Not only was it nice to get away on our own little mini-vacation it was all FREE to boot. We need free. God is good and so are good friends!

Out of the Game: I know ministry is not a game but for analogy reasons I'm going to call it a game. I really feel like I've been out of it for the past...well almost year. I'm not sure how it happened but it did. Starting a few weeks ago I can really tell that Heather and I are having conversations that are so pivotal in people's lives. It's weird to feel about ministry that way but really it's true. The conversations are important to me because they are people I love but really they don't have ramifications in my personal life. The person I'm speaking to on the other hand it may be life ruining or life changing. I don't think I'm being over dramatic. It just reminds me to seek God for wisdom

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