Thursday, July 14, 2005

So Proud: I just said goodbye to my best friend. JB and I met on the first day of college. The next semester we were roomates and then after not rooming together for a year and a half we resumed rooming together our 2nd second semester Junior year and then our incredible senior year. Since College we have kept very close, living in the same town for almost a year after college and then with visits, vacations and communication the past 4 years out of college have been great. This morning I gave him a big hug and knew I would see him for 4 years. He and his wife, Iris and their baby boy Gavin are heading to Russia first for 2 years of language school and then hopefully work with University students.

It's so sad to know I won't see him for so long but I wrote all that to say how proud I am of JB and how amazing it is to see the work of his life. He is a man of God, a man of patience and a man that is easy to befriend and to love. He is a gentle giant that always has a smile for you and a kind matter who you are.
This is us holding the other's son.

Suck it up, Cream Puff: In college we were hanging out in our room one night and a couple of friends were in our room. Well inevitable one of us starts whining about something and John Mallish just looks him right in the eye and says "Suck it up, Cream Puff" it became an instant classic and from time to time I'll break it out on people. Well the other day I was feeling particularly defeated and just pretty crappy. I felt like my ministry is a waste and that I'm a real waste sometime and the thought just came to my head. Suck it up cream puff you are a child of God called for is purposes so get up and get moving I've got plans for you.

It was nice!

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