Sunday, July 03, 2005

Making News: Before I moved to Frederick, MD I had never even heard about it. I even had friends from here in college and still never really heard of it. Since I have lived here Frederick has made the news nearly a dozen times. The most recent incident is that a little cessna violated Camp David's airspace yesterday. Camp David is about 25 miles north on H-15 from my house and we've driven by it a few times. Well last night apparently two F-16's escorted the plant to the Frederick airport. About a month ago the plane that violated the restricted air space above the capitol landed at the Frederick Airport.

A little more noteworthy is that the DC snipers of a few years back were caught at a rest stop in Frederick. The scary thing is that they were only a few miles from the school where my wife was teaching. During the month of nervousness I was at the exact exits where a killing took place, once the day before the other time it was within the same week.

Two years ago there was about a 20 foot sinkhole down the road from my church that made National news. I remember there being more but can't remember them right now.

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