Saturday, July 30, 2005

On Friday night this idea screamed inside my head looking for a place to get out and get on paper...or in this case to get onto a computer screen. I have tried to let it out twice now to no avail. So now on Monday morning and a not so quiet day in the office with VBS Kids in the church and frequent interruptions I will once again make a valiant effort.

Generations: God has given me a passion for His bride, his church. My thoughts and desires are often focused on the church and what we need to do to make it right. I think we are a long way from what Christ had in mind, the church will endure till he returns again, I'm just not sure what it will look like. My goal is what SHOULD it look like.

I think one thing that keeps returning to my mind is the fact that when we worship it needs to be in spirt and in truth. Of course I get the wording from John 4 and the Samaritan woman. I don't think I am stretching it.

So maybe this is a blatant stereotype but for the most part I see several forms of worship and seldom to age groups transcend this model. There are hymns, blended (hymns and choruses), Contemporary Choruses, and now the more doscile chorus and rock praise.

In the more fundamental motions the oldest are fond of the hymns, the 45-60 prefer the blended, the 30-45 the contemporary and the 30 and younger want both reflective choruses and upbeat "raise the praise".

I would say that in charasmatic cirlces the generations would be at least one step in front of the above mentioned conservative/fundies. I don't really know I'm not in that I wish I was...?

So with all that said the obvious point is that these are worship differences but I know better. I see leadership differences, I see different values. The pastor as leader morphs into pastor as friend and co-sojourner. Where the pastor was once respected because of the position a pastor is now respected for his vulnerability and ability to share life and yet lead.

I'm not sure it's getting any harder but just different.

So as a young leader/pastor in the church I must admit that I don't see too much cohesiveness between the generations. This is the first time in history where so many ages were represented in Christ's Church.

I'm not sure if it's just the age of question (23-30) but I really feel right now caught in the middle of paradigms between old and new. I really do see the point of the older folks wanted to preserve what they once saw as so strong and right. I also see that it's not working anymore and there is drastic need for change. The question for me is not will I try to make the church successful in this culture but how to make it successful.

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Da Youth Guy said...

You raise some interesting points. I have a differing point of view on some of them.
First - the church already is successful. It's survived for almost 2000 years. That's success. If it seems like it's struggling more now than before that comes at least in part from the softened view we get in hindsight. The church has ALWAYS struggled. I'm not sure it's really any worse now than before.

Second I'm loathe to start with a premise that says kick the old to the curb cuz it's got nothing for us. I'm also not convinced yet that the "new leadership" styles are any kind of improvement over the old. Too often wanting leaders that are "co-sojourners" really is just a way to be able to say (to quote the theme music from Malcolm in the Middle) "You're not the boss of me now, you're not the boss of me"

That leadership can and has been abused is without argument. Rejecting authority just so we can feel like "equals" doesn't strike me as a reasonable response.

You and I seek the same goal, a healthy Bride holding the brothers and sisters in her arms. But this time I get to play the conservative saying "Whoa, now. Not so fast. Old doesn't mean dead and new doesn't mean right".