Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Inexperience: I was sitting at my desk today noticing that the year is 2005. How boring! I mean really considering the circumstance, we just went through a turn of the millennium a few years back. We're knee deep in the computer age or neck deep depending on how well you keep up with stuff and bidness is goooood. The best we can come up with is 2005. Someone was asking me when Heather and I started at our current church I told them February of 2002. Pathetic.

I remember seeing the old war movies, old men sitting around talking about their war adventures. Back when men were men and killing was good. Did they ever say I killed my first Commie in 1902, by 1905 I had killed over 500 hundred? NO WAY.

You know what they said? The used a little word that I've only ever heard gun owners and enthusiasts use...aught. Rather than pronounce the 0 in '05 they would say "aught five". Nick when did you start working at your church...I would reply "aught two".

So who's to blame? We really can't blame anyone. Even my 90 year old Grandmother wasn't around at the last turn of the century so it's not like we have a large group of people educating us on how to say certain things without sounding like a bunch of sissies. The worst thing we can do is continue to move on not using the age old word "aught".

I'm just sad I've missed so much of this decade...we have 4 and a half years before it's history. Let get it right.

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