Monday, July 04, 2005

Be Prepared: So I have a few projects I want to get done around the house. That reminds me...I need to do laundry or tomorrow will be my last day of clean underroos. So today I woke up and wanted to get one of my projects done. I lazyed around for a little while this morning and planned my attack on my back deck. The deck is finished but I wanted to lower the railing. When we built it the railing was placed at 36" due to inspection codes but we thought it would look best at 32". That was two years ago. So today was the day, the modification required that I unscrew the top railing, cut to fit between the 6x's and then screw the railing back down at 32". Really not a big deal. I got to break out the circular saw and show off my man skills to the neighbors and break out the cordless drill. So about half way through the project my cordless drill decides the batter is low.'s my own fault I should leave the darn thing charged but I didn't. Fortunately I need to make a run to Home Depot, where I forgot to use my gift card I got at christmas, so that game me time to charge the drill enough to finish my job. So at the end of the day the railing is lowered, (in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice) I put some sweet caps on the posts and the deck looks great. Be prepared Nick be prepared.

Bombs Bursting in Air: Tonight I was standing on my back deck. The downtown park where they shoot the fireworks is about 3 miles to the right of my house so I was watching those and then some kids to my left began to shoot their own stuff and I just heard explosion after explosion. Francis Scott Key, the writer of the Star Spangled Banner, is from Frederick so that was a pretty neat experience.

Full Hooch Mode: So I was flipping channels and there was Jessica Simpson wearing a hooker t-shirt that said "Preacher's Daughter". Why must she do that? I would post a picture but I don't want to encourage her!

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