Wednesday, March 01, 2006

400th: This is the 400th post of The Thinking Padre. I did some math. I have been blogging for a total of 632 days and have posted 400 times. That means (if I did it right) I am posting a blog roughly once every day and a half. I'm sure you are all wiser for knowing that.

Study: Last night we had our 4th Bible Study and I'm so encouraged to say we had 14 people. Every study I pray that we have more people this time than last and that we see some people "stick" from their first time coming. The night went very well and I find it so comically ironic how minor the Bible study portion is as opposed to the socializing and getting to know. I really wouldn't want it any other way because at the end of the night when people are driving home they don't say, man I learned a lot I can't wait till next time. Rather people are driving home and they say, I met a lot of nice people that were really interested in my life I can't wait to see them again...oh yeah I opened my Bible too...that's a good thing.

Morning: I set out this morning to spend some time in prayer for the Church Plant as well as my family and the members or our launch team. I went down to my favorite park and did succeed in praying for Nathan and Heather. It's when I pray for them I realize how much God does provide for us. As I was praying and began to pray for members of our LT I was finding praying very hard. That's not unusual becuase very ounce of my being rejects praying and it is a fight to pray for impact. But this time the interuption was God and I felt the sense to just be quiet and listen. So I walked and I listened and I ever anticipated how I was going to explain this on this blog. The idea was simple and the ramifications not much more complex...God said "I change lives. I don't apologize, I don't do it gently- I change lives. And I have called you here to be and advocate and catalyst for me changing lives. So I don't need you to apologize for me and I don't need you to tip toe around issues I need you to proclaim the idea that I change lives and there is not a life in existence that I cannot change. So strap yourself in and let's go."

So I did.


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