Monday, March 13, 2006

Purple Cow: At the recommendation of David Trotter's blog I grabbed a copy of Purple Cow by Seth Godin. I understand that this is a marketing book and I am a church planter. I also understand that I'm not exactly marketing my product but in many ways I am marketing a product only right now I'm not sure what that product is. Sure I know what the end goal is and should be. But I think if most churches are honest with themselves, even the growing ones they are marketing more than just changed lives. They are marketing arts in worship, children's program, exciting preaching, captivating and moving worship, etc.

There is one truth that gripped me and whether you are businessman, pastor, church planter, school teacher or any other profession that might encounter these words this truth applies to you. Things that are remarkable get noticed. People's lives are filled with so much stuff really most of us have everything we want in this world. So to offer us something new it better be remarkable. I feel a strong need to be remarkable. Not for my own good but because I believe in a remarkable God that changes lives in a remarkable way. Be remarkable today. It's not easy, cheap or always beneficial but it's always remarkable.

Seek: Oh God let this be a generation that seeks, that seeks your face...

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