Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Currently reading: Breakout Churches by Thom Ranier- He was inspired and asked to write the book in the fashion of Good to Great by Jim Collins. I haven't even begun the first chapter and I've noticed the theme that was also in purple cow and that theme is good is not great. So basically good is bad. Purple Cow stated that great is bad remarkable is the only way to do. I'd say it's a matter of semantics and personal definations. But the truth and principal is clear.

Shust: He's getting plays on the radio all the time. Let's try this word of mouth epidemic thing. You can hear his songs on his myspace and add them to your own. Aaron Shust's myspace or www.aaronshust.com

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I read Breakout Churches - interesting enough...I posted a review of it here:


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