Monday, January 02, 2006

2005 in Review:
(typed on my pda/smartphone)

This is supposed to be a blog entry and it will be but probably not until I make it home. Problem is here I am New Year's eve and I am sick. I'm as sick as I have been in a very long time. but I guess the good news is I get to watch the giants game not because I like the giants but because I want them to lose so the redskins can win their division. too abd Tiki just broke a 95 td run.

I've been planning on doing a year in review for a few days now so I guess now is a great time to put it down on paper.

  • my son Nathan was born March 3
  • I was affirmed and placed as a church planter for the Chriastian and Missionary Alliance
  • my best friend JB had a son April 29
  • JB and Iris and Gavin went to Russia to start language school
  • I resigned as youth pastor leaving the best youth group in the world
  • I celebrated 4 years of marriage

A list can't define a year but it gives a start. Most of all I learned a little more about my savior Jesus Christ, a little more about grace, love and surrender, I think the most memorable is the stuff Nathan has taught me about life and loving him. Most of all a glimpse of comprehension of the Father' love for me!

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Mike said...

sounds like a pretty exciting year my friend! thanks for being faithful! the pics of Nathan are awesome!!!!