Friday, January 27, 2006

Packing: I was looking at and dreaming about a new handgun last night. I don't have that kind of cash right now but will keep saving. This morning I see this article in the paper.

By WARREN FISKE, The Virginian-Pilot © January 27, 2006

RICHMOND — An Henrico County legislator apologized to the House of Delegates on Thursday for firing his handgun in his legislative office.

Republican Jack Reid said the weapon went off accidentally about 9 a.m. while he was ejecting the clip from his .380-caliber Kel-Tec handgun.

The discharged round was stopped by a bullet-proof vest that was hanging on Reid’s office door. No damage was done to state property, according to a report filed with the Capitol Police.
Reid, who has a concealed weapons permit, notified the Capitol police, and no charges were filed. Several hours later, the chagrined lawmaker personally apologized at separate meetings of the House Republican and Democratic caucuses and then before the entire chamber.

"Everyone has a right to feel safe here,” Reid said on the House floor.
Reid’s colleagues applauded after his apology on the floor and accepted his explanation.
“Just like anything else, accidents do happen,” said Del. Kenneth Melvin, D-Portsmouth. “I’m sure he’ll learn from this and be more careful with his handgun.”
Several lawmakers said Reid is not the only member of the General Assembly who carries a concealed weapon.

“I do know factually that some people have obtained concealed weapons permits because they have had life-threatening phone calls,” said Del. Harry Purkey, R-Virginia Beach. “Their families have had life-threatening calls. They decided to get a weapon in case one of these kooks decided to follow through with their threat.”

Reed said the bullet-proof vest was a gift from law enforcement officials that he leaves hanging in his office and does not wear.

Sick: Heather is really sick today, with what appears to be either food poisoning or a bad stomach virus. That means I'm with Nathan and we're having a good time but that means Heather is on her own just in case it might be a virus. A virus that neither Nathan or I wants to get.

Super Bowl: The flyers are done for the Super Bowl Open House we are having. I need to get them distributed but am hoping for a warmer day so me and Nathan can go together. We're hoping for about 30 people.

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