Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Divorce: I was at wal-mart today like I am every other day and while walking through the checkout I saw the tabloids. Not the freaky ones with 400lb toddlers and aliens but the ones that have a strange love for celebrities and are always reporting on the lives of fallen celebrities. On the cover of most is a picture of Nick and Jessica Simpson. DIVORCE plastered across the covers. Then under this heading are questions like; "What went wrong?" "Who's Fault?" or Jessica pleaing "I didn't do anything wrong!".

I'm sure these magazines don't want an answer but rather a juicy story. But in reality they are asking all the wrong questions and I think overall perception of marriage and divorce in our culture is all wrong. I think the prevailing attitude for marriage is that of a boat. If two people get in a boat and take off on a voyage together and as long as noone does anything stupid they will arrive on time and at their destination.

I think this attitude is all wrong. I think rather the better attitude is if I let this boat drift I will be divorced it's really only a matter of time. I think all marriages are destined for divorce unless measures are taken. I know my boat metaphor will break down eventually but for the time being: If you get in a boat and drift you wind up where the current takes you. If you get in a marriage and drift you get where the culture takes you, divorce.

So put up your sails, paddle like hell and be counter cultural.

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