Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Va. Beach Contd: I hadn't had time to completely process my speaking on Sunday. Not only was this the first time I had spoke as a church planter and as a representative of the Mid-Atlantic District but the first time I had cast my vision and dream to a group larger than...5. It was amazing how I was able to articulate so well exactly what my heart is passionate about. It was also so amazing to see the overwhelming repsonse from the congregation to my vision. They caught it and by the time we left they were passionate about it as well.

For His kingdom and His Bride.

Meeting: I was up at our District Office yesterday for a voluntary committee meeting. This was a meeting for the church health task force. I don't say this flippantly but considering I work in a district where very few churches are growing this is a pretty daunting task. Honestly I wasn't looking very forward to it. God has given me a passion for his church and I desire to see the Bride of Christ healthy but at the same time I felt like I was trying to wrestle a monkey that just won't stand still.

Fortunately I wasn't being asked to do it by myself and by the end of the day I think the committee had discussed matters that are directly responsible and/or related to the fact that our district churches are unhealthy. These were very candid and upfront conversations and what I think is a good step in the right direction.

Before we left we also developed a plan to evaluate churches and help get them on paths to health. Real solid tangible stuff.

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