Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm not for bashing any president but this quote was funny:

Frodo Failed
Bush has the ring

NFL: Seahawks vs. Redskins- yeah I knew my skins didn't have much of a chance but it was a good run.
Broncos vs. Patriots- I called this one a mile away. Broncos in the superbowl.
Colts vs Steeler- Basically anything good that comes out of pittsburgh is an anomoly but I didn't think they had a chance against the colts.
Panthers vs. Bears- I saw the Bears as the most overrated NFL team this season. Man it hurts being this right.

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Da Youth Guy said...

Anything good that comes out of Pittsburgh is basically an anomoly?

Them's some serious smack down words my friend!

Four Super Bowls, three World Series and two Stanley Cups (those are just the wins)

That only scratches the surface.